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Oracle SAS Interview Questions
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Describe the types of SAS programming tasks that you performed like Tables? Listings? Graphics? Ad hoc reports? Other?

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Have you been involved in editing the data or writing data queries?

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What techniques and/or PROCs do you use for tables?

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Do you prefer Proc Report or Proc Tabulate? Why?

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Are you involved in writing the inferential analysis plan? Tables specifications?


What do you feel about hardcoding?

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How experienced are you with customized reporting and use of Data _Null_ features?

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How do you write a test plan?

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What is the difference between verification and validation?

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What was the last computer book you purchased? Why?


What is your favorite all time computer book? Why?


Will it bother you if the guy at the next desk times the frequency and duration of your bathroom or coffee breaks on the grounds that ?you are getting paid twice as much as he is??


How will you react when, while consulting a SAS documentation manual to get an answer to a problem, someone says hey, I thought you were supposed to know all that stuff already, and not have to look it up in a book?


Can you continue to write code while the rest of the people on the floor where you work have a noisy party to which you were not invited?

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Do you think professionally?

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Oracle SAS Interview Questions

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