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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the Difference Between MCCB & ACB & VCB

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What is the Difference Between choke & ballast

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what is the formula for converting dc power(watt) to ac power (watt)?

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How voltage regulation is calculated for over head transmission line? What do we mean by Conductor constant while calculating voltage regulation? how it is differ for for diffrent type of conductor say AAAC DOG & AAAC RACOON conductor?

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Difference between shunt, PMG and AREP excitation. Which is the most reliable between PMG and AREP.


What is the types of HT motor testing


Explain the laying procedure and laying depth of submarine/subsea power cable for 220/400KV system? Also available cable diameter?


How to calulate cable size for 200KVA,160KVA& 40KVA load?

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why CT ratio stand for 50/5, 100/5, 25/5.

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why CT output is always raetd 5.regardsof primery curre.

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why we use carbon brush in exciter&genrator?

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how to calculate power consumption in slip ring motor at different step


IF avr is voltage regulator of genset means why we are giving genset CT sense to AVR ?

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How to covert the ac to dc and how to control the dc output?

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How to test the thyresitor or SCR by multmeter?

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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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