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If we have a 2000kva load,How much kvar capacitors we go to
add to improve the power factor at 0.9?pls give the
calculation and fully theory?

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If we have a 2000kva load,How much kvar capacitors we go to add to improve the power factor at 0.9..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

The existing pf is not given.Use the formula KVA2=KW2+KVAR2
and KW/KVA=pf

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If we have a 2000kva load,How much kvar capacitors we go to add to improve the power factor at 0.9..

Answer / n.sinha

The calculation we follow is :-
(kva)2 = (kw)2 + (kvar)2
and the P.F is given as 0.9,
so, kw = kva * P.F
= 2000 * 0.9
= 1800
And, kvar = {(kva)2 - (kw)2}1/2
= {(4000000) - (3240000)}1/2
= {760000}1/2
= 871.78

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