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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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tell 2 reasons for why only copper is used in domestic wires& only alluminium in transmission lines ?

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how much loading in terms of ampere can put on 5 MVA,33/11 KV TRANSFORMER having rated current 263 Amp ?????????

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1. what is the power factor and whatis his losses 2. what is the working procedure of 51RNB AND 87 relay

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what is divercity factor?

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why transformer is conneted to dc for polarity doesnt work in dc?

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How to connect frequency meter in metering circuit?(single phase and three phase frequency meter)phase to phase or phase to neutral

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what type of oil is used in transformers? a)conduting b) insulating

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What is the RMS and DFT principle of analogue maesurments. Which way they are advangages. where which princples give optimum results.


What is the technical reason for adopting color coding of three phase system as RYB.

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what is the earthing condition between earth & phase.

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what is the earthing condition between earth & neutral.

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wat is the difference between real power and reactive power..which is useful..?and how it s useful..wat is the effect of these on a power system...

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difference b/w eath and neutral

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how netral CT is selected (including its details specification)

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what is importance of ka in mccb

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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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