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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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we use 400/5A ct and 35/roor3KV,/0.1/root3KV,0.1/root3KV pt ratio. What is the multiple factor of this meter.


what factor is necessary during design of HT & LT MOTORS.

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Why transformer rating in kVA not in kW?

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if we going for high voltage usages what are the considering factors, why those factors are effected.... please give me an answer related motor factors like wnidnig, frame, temp etc

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Find defination of KVA convert in to KW.

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how to calculate cable size in diffrent loads?


What is majour reason of Electrical Arcing ?

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how much current a 100 sq mm busbar will carry?

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what is the function of 1 phase preventer?

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What are the maximum and minimum ratings of MCB,MCCB,ACB,OCB,VCB and SF6 breakers?

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in transformers for ex. 100mva and 400kv the secondary current is about 420 amps but for selection of bushing the capacity of selected bushing is 2000A why there is such big difference ?

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what is creepage distance in sub-station?

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What is d role of reactive power in power system??How it produce & consume?

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Mechanism of Wye Delta Starter?

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can we use only a isolator in the subtation..

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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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