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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the basic difference among IPS,UPS,EPS?

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What is highest size of HT motor like 11 kv or 33 kv,and how to make it 750 rpm.i think the size will be very big.any idea ? pl. reply..


Why does the radius of armature is less than the radius of pole shoe?


can u name the different types of motors used in different types of applications?

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what is difference between RCB,RCCB &RCBO?

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what is meant by moulded case circuit breaker ?


why diesel tank is earthed

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what are the protections in 132 kv class electrical systems.....? hw u define that in elctrical terms..? . . .pls answr

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how to calculate induction motor rating (HP) if name plate is missing from motor at site condition ?

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What are the relays in ACB and VCB


what is meant by distance protection ? how distance protection relay function ?

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how to decide the ratings of the MCCB,MCB in electrification.give me the proper thumb rule or procedure.


how to decide the ratings of the busbar in electrification.give me the proper thumb rule or procedure

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what is ripple ??? what is harmonics ?

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how much current in live 11 Kv distribution Line?

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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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