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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the major difference between LIBBP & HIBBP.. which one is most preferable..


When we synchronize the Generator BKR with TIE BKR then Gen BKR is hold but TIE BKR is Tripped on Non directional over current but when TIE BKR is Syn. with Gen. BKR then no fault occur so what is the problem

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What Normal(Tangent) towers and Tension(Cut-point) Towers?

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what is the calculation of current when a clampmeter is attached to two phases of any drives.

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difference bewteen reverse current and alternating current


why transformer rating is in KVA?

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difference b/w series¶llel

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You are given 220 V supply source, four wires, an ammeter and voltmeter. There is no any indication or description on meters. How will you identify which is ammeter or voltmeter?

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what is mean by dual digital protection in the relay field?


how to improve IR value in HT motors?

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why secondary terminal of current transformer should not be open circuited?

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why characteristics of overcurrent relay is time-->psm instead of time-->current?


how much mininmum length required to conduct a DC Hipot Test on 33kV AC Cable with 45kV DC? Is it 20meter or Less then 20?


In star delta Schematic can we connect OLR in delta circuit

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Why NGR is required for 11Kv geneartor in power plant

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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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