what is the function of 1 phase preventer?

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what is the function of 1 phase preventer?..

Answer / melwyn

to prevent load(motor)of 3 phase from failing of any one
phase.it is connected to 3phase load,when one of phase is
gets failed(due to burned fuse or contactor problem)this
device senses and it will turn of the system

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what is the function of 1 phase preventer?..

Answer / rakesh kumar c attingal

single phase preventer used to stop the working of 3 phase
motor in the absence of supply in one phase.

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what is the function of 1 phase preventer?..

Answer / anupam

In 3 phase system..if motor miss one phase..then motor will burn..so spp is used for the safety for motor..if one phase is missed..then the system will tripped or disconnected.. So motor will not burn..

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