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What gives your company a competitive advantage? - Venture Capitalists    0  82
Who are the company's competitors? - Venture Capitalists    0  103
What are the two or three key features you plan to add? - Venture Capitalists    0  73
What have you learned from early versions of the product or service? - Venture Capitalists    0  78
What are the key differentiated features of your product or service? - Venture Capitalists    0  70
What are the major product milestones? - Venture Capitalists    0  89
Why do users care about your product or service? - Venture Capitalists    0  95
How do you plan to scale the team in the next 12 months? - Venture Capitalists    0  112
What motivates the founders? - Venture Capitalists    0  89
How many employees do you have? - Venture Capitalists    0  99
Why is the team uniquely capable to execute the company's business plan? - Venture Capitalists    0  109
What key additions to the team are needed in the short term? - Venture Capitalists    0  110
What relevant domain experience does the team have? - Venture Capitalists    0  85
Who are the founders and key team members? - Venture Capitalists    0  77
Why does your company have high growth potential? - Venture Capitalists    0  102
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2. Tell me about a time when you had to use your presentation skills to influence someone’s opinion. 511
Urgent Required a Content Writer in Our company if there is any one female kindly contact @ 435
How can we get TIN No and CST NO. ? How much is the expence for the issue. What is the procedure and regulation to get above said things? 739
Distinction between Private Co. & Public Co. 667
How does information act in the controlling process? 440
List the charateristics of Modern Manager. 589
Tell me about a time when you had too many things to do and you were required to prioritize your tasks 765
what is market share??tell me detailed abt it?? 447
what is the difference between cold calling and head hunting. 765
an operation stratergy is developed using many sources of input .which is the least likely to have input? 559
6. NEED OF ONGOING MANAGEMENT CYCLE( Case Study ) Sidney Greenburg was appointed the position of the director of marketing for a small electronics component manufacturer. The company had its revenues growing at the rate of 20% each year and in 1982, they were at 30 million level The president felt that the growth of the company required serious planning efforts to determining strategies product emphasis and new product development. Mr. Greenburg realising the need to develop the marketing plan developed a suggested format to obtain inputs from his regional sales managers. The format to obtain divided into two parts (a) territory brief for established status of sales activities and (b) territory plan asked for identification of key goals, strategy & resources required to accomplish stated goals. Sales forecast by products was requested for 3 plan Yrs. Tom Rosenfield was the marketing manager for Europe He was previously in the engineering department & was assigned to Europe because of his technical& Foreign language capabilities. He replied to Mr.Greenburg as follows: “While I will complete the forms on the country brief& country plan promptly I have some conceptual problems with them time& time again we have been requested for projected figures I remember putting together a presentation for the Executive Vice-President (VP) & Treasurer last year. Great we educated those guys but what are the results of such formality? The projections have not yielded specific results, resources are used at a minimal level & we are not generating needed sales. So it is my contention that while goals projections& forecasts provide immeasurable guidance for a company with stable sales & developed product lines, for us a fledglings (young) industry, they distract from the job at hand. My plan has always been to hit the market- as hard I am able & I believe this should hold true for all other regional managers. We have large amounts of resources held up in ineffective’ marketing planning efforts such as these need to redirect these efforts to self rather than compile data. We need more people beating the pavement (action) rater than sitting on their desks developing plans& strategies (contemplation) Sell, sell, sell. Get the backing as big as possible. Planning is wasteful. Let us concentrate on aggressive sales & optimize sales volume at any cost. A. What has Mr.Greenburg not done to accomplish his planning tasks? B. Is Mr.Rosenfield right in making his comments in response to Mr. Greenburg’s request? C. Is Mr. Rosenfleld performing his management function. D. What would you do if you were Mr.Rosenfleld’s boss? 710
In the creation of the material master if user maintains MRP Type as ‘VB’ (Manual reorder point planning) unless until user will not maintain the Reorder point Qty & fixed lot size Qty system will not allow creating the material which is right process. Hence the same rule should be applied for MRP Type ‘ND’ also. So that user cannot fill the MRP Data unless he will not choose ‘VB’ 1428
‘Fixed Price’ and ‘Cost Plus’ contracts 659
your interested in fmcg but why do you choose insurance sector 1876
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