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Are you sure that you can convince (persuade) the vendors to accept our company’s conditions?    0  862
can you consider yourself as a leader and result maker?    1  2465
are you confident that even if you don't know something you can study it?    0  486
what is the periodicity for submission of QPR/QIS statements to the Bank by borrower?    0  1401
what specific skill would be regard by the manager at all label?    0  401
What are the different label of management that are found a large organization?    0  392
Meaning of planogram alchemist   0  607
In which condition Both the acts are covered i.e ESIC and WC Act?    0  1013
Hi, Me & my friends want to train in Oracle Apps HRMS application(Functional). Hence i would need a real time trainer assistance/training institutes in Hyderabad. Kindly reply /contact me on 9703328023 in case you know.. Thanking you.    0  405
Hi friends, I do have 55.6 percent in my b-tech and 53 backlogs. Is it possible to get admission in USA for MBA. if yes please let me know the university names. Thank you.    0  298
1. What is Discount Rate? 2. Does it depends on place/condition where we are using it? 3. Discount Rate = Repo Rate or Bank rate?    0  1009
Whats my business?    1  688
What do i do for a living    1  827
defferd revenue exp capital-iq   4  10217
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Un-Answered Questions
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reasons for popularity of consumer credit in india 260
why you join pgdm... 2845
what would you like to be in your career ifive years now 564
why should i select to you foe the college? 401
hiiiiiiiiiiii i am a person of G.C(general category) and i want to attempt the lic delelopment officer test . i have done mba in marketing and i am agency holder of lic for 3 years. am i elligible for this test .or this test is only for s.c/b.c persons please tell me sir ,,, mailme at, 353
What adjustments will you have to make in transitioning from the private sector to the public sector? 540
Tell me about a time when you had too many things to do and you were required to prioritize your tasks? 649
in which ways should the work structure change to make it easier for employees to actively practise what she/he has learned form a training intervention? 405
How can a Business firm achive growth Internally and Externally? 3790
hi i'm Praveen Kumar, i'm selected for sbi 2010 exam. what are the types of questions in sbi? wher can i read online or is there any book which you would prefer. my number: +91 9962365897 thanks in advance 381
What to after doing certified in HR Field and how we get the right job with higher salary and what are the frequent are asked during HR Interviews. Kindly suggest the same and treat as Friend coz newly in HR Field. 401
I have an experiance in retail industry, I want to expore more Retail industry, Pls suggest me to do Retail Management course. 467
In which condition Both the acts are covered i.e ESIC and WC Act? 1013
Why u switch your career from BSC ( foods & nutrition) to MBA ( HRM) 565
write a C program that will determine whether a department -store customer ha exceeded the credit limit on a charge account. For each customer, the following facts are available: a. Account number (an integer) b. Balance at the beginning of the month c. Total of all items charged by this customer this month d. Total of all credits applied to this customer's account this month e. allowed credit limit The program should used a while statement to input each of this facts,calculate the new balance (=beginning balance=charges credits) and determine whether the new balance exceeded,the program should display the customer's account number, credit limit, new balance and the message "Credit Limit Exceeded". 1262
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