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why prototype is used? kaizen   1  466
What are your career goals? And how can be a computer based information system be used to achieve them? information-technology   1  1006
tell me about yourself answer asked for experienced person in sales side? icici   0  482
As you achieve greater success with the company after some years, Will you like to be a shareholder in our company? adnoc-abu-dhabi-national-oil-company   1  2595
how to manage payroll functions?    2  819
Is tcs bpo experience valid in other corporates?    0  505
what are the necessary qualities for the successful personnel manager    1  543
How can a successful and thorough systems analysis be ruined by a poor system design? Answer the question relative to these factors: a) The impact on the subsequent systems implimentation phase. b: The lifetime of the system after it is placed inti operation c) The impact on future projects    0  515
why do you think that u r suitable for the job of manager?    2  992
hoe to corodinate your team? plz give me your advice your boss for business? how to sale product? horizon-computers   1  624
Hi All, I am a IT professional and I have 4 years of Exp. I am financially not equipped to do a full time MBA and I want to know if any good MBA colleges that provides Executive MBA program and that will significantly improve my Career and also get me more abroad opportunities. Please help me with the information. Thanks in Advance    0  237
ordinance means factset   3  1849
floting rate bonds are factset   2  722
suspense account willbe transfer to factset   3  1776
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Un-Answered Questions
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in retail bussiness if we want the first and last visit of the customer and the total purchase amount of the customer.then what's the syntax in proc report. whats is the difference between the proc tabulate and proc report?i want the major difference which will effect? 281
Why All time currency price is fall down? 305
what steps have you taken to make sure you perform well in the new field you wish to study ? 189
How you calculate Return on Investment on wholesalers 498
what are the basic question of fmcg company 142
why u did mba after and why u choose marketing as your specialization 784
Merger of SBS with SBI, point of in your view. is this good dicition or bad by cent. govt./sbi. 410
7. Give me an example of a time when you have tried to accomplish something, and failed 188
What is the general format for corporate Guarantee for taking advance? 2642
business plan of eurekaforbes 231
Differentiate between strategic and tactical decisions? 438
what is the role f financial analyst???? 156
i lost my "h" form . so what can i do now? pl replay me 227
list the detailed advantages and disadvantages of off the job training 1750
give examples of opportunity cost as u experienced it? i.e from real life 210
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