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wat is meant by frontend and backend testing    2  2787
oops concept is used for? synergy   3  6960
Q : I want to see material details in secondary list based on material No. from basic list. I will double click on any row, any field of basic list (not on field containing material no.) & the secondary list will display material details according to material No. on that row. Is it possible? If so how? tcs   3  2129
what is masterdata in sap crm... spectra-soft   5  7277
1.What types of documents would you need for QA, QC, and Testing?    2  2067
how to access grid view row?    0  553
Diffrence in b/w Functional and System Testing and Test Cases. fiserv   3  5272
Describe V Model with the entry criteria of each Test Phase. fiserv   1  4442
1.What is Traceability Matrix and who prepare it. 1.1 How u can map the Requiremet wid Test Cases. 1.2 How u can find out that in Particular Test Case,some requirement is missing. 1.3 For a particular requirement,how u determine that how many TCs should prepare. 1.4 Gaie the Idea about Tracability Matrix,meant Format. fiserv   2  4255
what is the difference between thread and process infosys   1  1905
1.Can we activate or deactivate the open item management after the transactions are posted, if yes how..clearly explain 2. Can we activate line item management after Thank you    3  6325
1.Can we activate or deactivate the open item management after the transactions are posted, if yes how..clearly explain 2. Can we activate line item management after Thank you    2  5894
LOGIC OF Bodmas?    1  4447
The expansion of GNU    3  4367
what is filler and what is use of filler syntel   3  3623
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Un-Answered Questions
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Explain grouped cross tab? 1083
why QA team is necessary for an organization? 908
How do you transform OH data? 408
1)how will control the item category determination 591
can one have multiple packing for delivery? answer is yes , but where we maintain this? wt is the process? 2513
wht is scope of ur project? 471
how many instances will generate for product? 300
What is Ad-hoc mode? 44
How to write test case for this scenario. The system shall allow for a wild card search for the first name with a minimum of one character. 125
How will you hack someone's gmail or yahoo account. 575
There is very little time to test due to the development team delay how will you handle this situation? 393
please tell me any easy ways of testing the Data warehouse project. In my project we are not using any tools for ETL. we are writing scripts in SCRIPTELLA. And we using Pentaho tool for Reporting How can i test all these. please tell me ASAP. thanks in adavance 900
Do you know anything about Set Top Boxes? 4291
What is the difference between ISA Board & STM-1 in SDH 1170
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