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I have two screens(screen1, screen2) contains same applet(applet1).i want in the screen1->applet1 with picklist and screen2->applet1 with diffrent picklist. How can we configure this senario? cap-gemini   6  2218
Your .pst file got currupted,u r manager wants to check his mails,but it's not getting open,what will you do ?how u will solve this problem, karvy   2  2048
How to create an instance in QTP? collabera   1  3779
how to get client port number in server socket programming??    5  4402
how to get client port number in server socket programming??    0  398
Exact difference between Verification and Validation? wipro   7  2167
What is bug life cycle? Pls give me the exact definition?    2  1753
when will tester do the smoke testing?    2  1127
What is test data set up?    1  661
In Data grid the question is below quantity price total these are 3 fields available in data grid if you enter quantity the total has to update automatically.Price field is already filled completely quest   0  262
On Age field how many Asp.Net validation controls will be suit? quest   7  2058
Is it possible to perform data validations in the database? quest   1  1309
VB scrip has a special command named LBound, which returns the starting index of an arry. What are the possible indexes an array can start with? options are given below. and one only the correct answer. pl select it 1. any index 2. only even non-negative 3. only 0 4. any non-negative integer    1  622
Is UML restrictive to system development?    0  984
How many UML diagrams are expected or considered to be enough to fulfill the requirements of a project and why?    0  964
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Un-Answered Questions
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Can any one please help in knowing the end to end Payroll process in SAP . Starting from uploading the data of a newly hired employee ,Attandace uploading to, Generating PF,ESI challana ( including the T code, ) 231
hey friend...I want some question of mobile testing. which are asking in interview..if any one have question paper then please send me on "". I will very thankfull to those person who will give me some thing......Thanks. 490
in data driven testing for performing operations which method is easy from manual test data,keyword view,or from database.and why? 135
a single linked list consists of nodes a to z .print the nodes in reverse order from z to a using recursion 175
In AS/400 projects in Companies whats the meaning of production support team.what production support involves.also what work does development,maintenance involve what are the other teams or processes that are available for as400 project. 1702
what are the Font problems on NT 4.0? 137
Can any one tell me some real time errors you got for support pack apply, During transport request export-import and for db dackup. 487
Waht is Dot net Arcitecture 267
Can anybody send me Excel tips and improtant formul...... please. 247
What is middle ware testing?? what are the companies using this tech? 235
How to generate steps to reproduce your issue for Borland Developer Support? 224
Hi Friends, I worked with 8.2 not with 9.2. Please help me in this prob. I created one script and recorded some think and save as Test 1 then I opened process--open the object repository manager. Switch to file->save->give some name->save as Objectrepo1.tsr file. (This is the global repository file.) Then I went to object repository->tools-> associate repository ->click + icon ->open the previously saved Objectrepo1.tsr file. This is the global repository Now I created one more script and save as Test 2. In this script I am calling script with the Help of "Call of existing action" and I executed but QTP is not able to execute B’cos it is QTP is not able to read the Object Repository of Test 1. Please let me know why? Once I made Script 1 as a shared Obj. Repository so it would not give any Problem. Right? 193
how to prepare a test case for online restaurant table reservation system. plz give an answer ASAP, email at 740
diff between qtp versions from 8.5 279
List of all the modules under Manufacturing, Finance and Distribution in oracle applications? 359
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