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how is positive, negative, zero sequence is happen..
how is effect on 3 phase system

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In parallel operation time both NGR’s close or not close if both close what will happen

0 Answers  

Do closed loops systems require manual input?

0 Answers   Ericsson,

corona happens more in ac or dc?

5 Answers   MAHINDRA,


3 Answers  

why the neutral of power transformer is always earthed?

1 Answers  

Why an ac solenoid valve attract the plunger even though we interchanges the terminal? Will the poles changes?

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Give the selection criteria of a 3 Phase transformer for industrial purposes ?

5 Answers   NDDB, TATA,

Iam deepthi.i completed my from electrical engineering.i want to prepare for civil services.i dont have much knowledge about these exams,but i have great zeal of cracking exams.plz provide me suggestions to which options i can select for optionals

7 Answers  

Thermal withstand capability under full short circuit conditions, in terms of number of times of occurrence of short circuit and corresponding anticipated percentage reduction in transformer life.

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what type of euse we should use ? 1- High resistance & low temperature 2- High temperature low resistance

2 Answers  

i have 90kw i choose connect cable .please what is parameter checked so please give to formula

0 Answers   May Baker,

what are the advantage of UG cables over the over head lines

2 Answers   DVC,

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