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what is the significance of positve n negative voltage
regulation .on alternator

what is the significance of positve n negative voltage regulation .on alternator..

Answer / jaadeesh

alternator works in both laging and leading power factor

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Why thwe Direction of Rotation of a TABLE Fan & CEILING Fan are different?

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Dear All kindly let me know that I know about the DG Rating for Example 150 KVA,Now how i will know that how much Ampher load it can offoard.

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What are the applications of different multistage amplifiers?Plz also write advantages of these amplifiers? Thaaaaaaaaanx

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pls give me brif explaination about the distance relay.

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The neutarl to earth voltage in system is 7volts on Electricity power but it lowers to 1.3volts when load transfered to DG power.what may be the reason.

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What is the Relation b/w star delta starter , DOL starter and two speed starter. if we want to rotate a 20 kw fan in 2 speeds which type of two speed starter we have 2 use?

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