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1.what is difference between ATS & STS main use.
2.what is difference between ACB& VCB With symobles,and
main partes, manimum range.
3.How many types of relays and main function.

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how i caculate the cable size for power factor correction unit for example 300kvar

1 Answers  

what is diff btw electric,magnetic & eletromagnetic field

0 Answers   Senthil,

why does fans rotate in anticlockwise direction?

1 Answers  

How to generate neutral in DG set?

3 Answers  

what is diff between Fourier series and Fourier transform?

2 Answers  

A powerplant has 8 gensets operating in grid parallel mode. In one genset sometimes there is pf variation and kvar variation. The plant operates in pf mode. When this variation is observed the load is stable, voltage is also stable, freq and genset speed is also stable. How will you check the functioning of pf card. What shall be the ideal output vdc of the pfc, from there it is input to AVR?

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Yazaki india pvt ltd interview questions qurey related

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what is the distance maintained between the power and data cables with respect to the KVA .... plss give me the formula

1 Answers  

Zone of protection and tripping scheme of arc protection relay.

0 Answers   KSEB, L&T, Siemens,

what is the reason of current flow in nutral although load is balanced (three phase equal current)

3 Answers  

What is industrial plc

0 Answers   TCS,

hi guys please tell me the procedure for mesuring the coil resistance of 3ph induction motor?

0 Answers  

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