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What is a market niche?

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What is a market niche? ..

Answer / kamakhya prasad ghatuary

Niche market is the smaller version of
(Bigger market)mass market.This is a kind of potential
market.In the niche market what happen company make target
to the specific class and they market their product for
them.This type of market is also known as target market or
specific market.Like Junior Horlicks only for kids, virtu
mobile,diet coke( diabetics patients),etc

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What is a market niche? ..

Answer / guest

A 'niche' market is a small but potentially profitable
market segment wherein custom-made products or services are
offered by a company. It is a small distinguishable segment
that can be uniquely served. Usually a loyalty business
model is used to maintain profitable volume of sales.

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What is a market niche? ..

Answer / m.sankar

niche market is nothing but he act as a leader in small
segment. no one competitor he will maintaining a monopoly
position in small segment.for ex: "Amutham cool drinks" in

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What is a market niche? ..

Answer / sanjay_chavda

niche market we can say that market part which is yet not
touch for market the some product do not
marketing in rural area. or in other word we can say that
it is small area which is trget for the specific product.

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