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What is BMS System???Types...

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What is BMS System???Types.....

Answer / shiva

BMS : Building Manage System, Through this System
we can operate and Monitor the all equipments, like
Chillers,UPS's Battery Banks,Room Temparature, Power
Plants, DG's, AHU's Lightings, ACB's VCB's etc.

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What is BMS System???Types.....

Answer / krishan chand tyagi

BMS- Building Managment System.
In this system ou can communicate, get command, view
currrent status or data to entire system which you want.
Basicaly BMS use for monitoring and controlling all
equipment which are connected to automation system
according to system requirement. It's measurlly control and
used Power Plant, Cement Plant, Oil & Gas Plant,

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What is BMS System???Types.....

Answer / amit

bms system is one of the software use in bilding entire
system like electrical ,fire,hvac,accses,cctv and water
system use this system because save the man power ,save
maony & time.BMS systesm controling all the above system
controling in one place withut waste time & enrgey

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What is BMS System???Types.....

Answer / naveen joshi

BMS is bacnet (building automation and controll network) based system .running via Ethernet in main controll device (router station) and lon/talk in branch device(DDC Controler station).ethernet can handle 10 to 100mb data, while lon/talk up to 75kb data. Entire system divided in segment through router station .a analog to digital converter or digital to analog placed in between computer software and ethernet connected router station to operate ,monitor the hvac ,power substation and fire system.

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