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To prove the capacity of a 10MVA transforemr with 6.5%
impedance by a short circuit test how much power is needed
to inject an impedance voltage if we have to arrive for
its rated current?

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how to calulate multiplying factor if meter ratio is /5 ampere and ct ratio is 100/5 ampere.(our supply is 3 phase 415 volts)what is multiply factor?

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Hi frnds :) plz tell me that i have 100 KVA 3 phase generator so by thumb rule 100*1.4 = 144 amps and generaly we can operate at 80% it will 144*0.8 =112 amps.... so now i m confused about single phase load.....if we use that generator only for single phase the that 112 amps is total single phase load or i can give 112 amps at red 112 amps at yellow and 112 amps at blue.... i mean that total single phase load that 100 KVA generator will take is 112+112+112=336 amp ??

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how to find the capacitance value of the motor while running??

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