Different types of insurance

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Different types of insurance..

Answer / rajesh rana

1)life insurance
2)general insurance

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Different types of insurance..

Answer / satyajeet kumar


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Different types of insurance..

Answer / raja

Their are two main insurance
1 life insurance
2 genteral insurance
under head of general insurance
motor, home, property, finincing, fire, including

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Different types of insurance..

Answer / rubi raheja

1 life insurance
2 fire insurance
3 house insurance
4 vehicle insurance
5 property insurance
6 health insurance
7 asset insurance
8 burglary insurance
9 cattle insurance
10 crop insuranc
11 sports insurance
12 marine insurance

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Different types of insurance..

Answer / ravinder.sukara

types of insurance:
1. Auto insurance
2. home insurance
3. health insurance
4. Disability
5. casualty
6. life
7. property
8. other types insurance
9. insurance financing vehicles
10. closed community self insurance

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