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how can we calculate ct ratings ?its any formula ?

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how can we calculate ct ratings ?its any formula ?..

Answer / manohar

we calculate ct rating not by turns ratio factors considered
are application & va required. You need 5A OR 1A secondary
of ct. Generally we use in ht side 1A CT's & 5A CT'S IN LT SIDE.
Application means Metering or ProtectionIf you dont know
please read the name plate of CT's

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how can we calculate ct ratings ?its any formula ?..

Answer / javed iqbal

calculating the ct ratings depend on the load either motor circuit or transformer circuit. for example if we have a motor which full load current is 160A then we need a ct 200A/1A or near.Mean that primary current is 200A and secondary current is 1A which is usually use for measuring the motor current on running condition. Because measuring instruments are design for low current inputs mean that 1A is equal to 200A and when motor running on 100A then its equal to 0.5A but measuring device configure it to 100A on display.

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how can we calculate ct ratings ?its any formula ?..

Answer / karthik raman.b

by using turns ratio we might calculate

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