what is concrete

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what is concrete..

Answer / arun parashar

contrete is a mixer of cement,sand and coarse aggeregate
with water in varios proportion.

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what is concrete..

Answer / guest

Concrete is a homogeneous mixture of Cement,sand,aggregate
with proportionate water content.

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what is concrete..

Answer / jambu

Concrete is the most widely used man-made construction
material. It is obtained by mixing cement, water, aggregates
(Fine and Coarse) and sometimes admixtures (Mineral and
Chemical) in required proportions.
The mixture when placed in forms and allowed to set becomes
hard like
stone. The hardening is caused by chemical action between
cement and
the water. In a concrete mix the cement and water form a
paste called
cement water paste which in addition to filling the voids of
fine aggregate
act as a binder on hardening.

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what is concrete..

Answer / tejpal

Concret is mix of water ,cement , sand & aggregate .

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what is concrete..

Answer / sachin bansode

It is a homogeneous mixture of cement sand aggregate with
proportionate water content.

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what is concrete..

Answer / tiru

concrete is a mixture of cement, fine aggregate,coarse
aggregate and required water to form as paste .

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what is concrete..

Answer / tamil

sand cement differnnt type aggregate &water mix

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what is concrete..

Answer / ankit

concrete is an artificial material resultning frm hardining
of mixture of cement,coarse agg.,fine agg., with water

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what is concrete..

Answer / rashmi

Concret is mix of water cement & sand in proper proparation.

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