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difference b/w semiconductor and insulator

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difference b/w semiconductor and insulator..

Answer / maroof khan

semiconductor is a conductor which conductivity lies
between conductor & insulator.
insulator does not allow the flow of current.

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difference b/w semiconductor and insulator..

Answer / ramkumar

semiconductor conduct current only a.c positive half cycle
but insulator not allow to carry the current with in the
insulating level of that insulator.

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difference b/w semiconductor and insulator..

Answer / palpandi.a

Semiconductor has 4 electrons in conduction band.due to the
doping it get or lose one it act as partial
condutor.But insulator has 8 electrons in conduction band.

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difference b/w semiconductor and insulator..

Answer / sunil guru

There is difference in the doping of SEMICONDUCTOR AND
IN SEMICONDUCTOR the distance between the upper band and the
lower band is the conduction level is high...

and in INSULATOR the distance betwn U.B AND L.B is HIGH.. so
the conduction level is low..

insulators sre ban conductors and semiconductors are good

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difference b/w semiconductor and insulator..

Answer / phanendra babu

hai maroof,

the first statement of u is wrong because semiconductor
never becomes a conductor.

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