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Answer / v.venkata ramana

L.V cable selection is Al cable 1sqmm carry 3amps
Cu cable 1sqmm carry 6amps

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upto how much low RPM we will run the commercial motor which is run through VFD without any problem occurs in motor.Motor rating Duty is S1 & RPM is 1400.

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Relation between pyramids and electrical technology?

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Explain the term parallel path in dc machin ?

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can d.c.transformer exist? if yes then what its max. rating?

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As we know induction squirrel cage motor torque Directly praprortinal to applied voltage in star connection & delta also. If I connect 55KW Motor to DOL starter in load condition does motor withstand the load & what will be the current withdrawn ? motor will not fail ?

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why the crow do not feel the current in overhead line when it sits on the wire??????

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Please provided formula for calculate the cable size from step up transformer to M.V panel, run overhead aluminum cables, total load is 5mega watt, total length 900 feet.

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Define ampere

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What information we need to prepare relay coordination chart

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11KV electrical line going through the forest in cloudy night ,how can we find the direction of line.

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Why current leads the voltage in case of capacitor load? Why voltage leads the current in case of inductive load? Why both are with in phase in case of restive load?

3 Answers   TATA,

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