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how is working d.c amps meter?how to connect the dc ammeter
inthe circuite?

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how is working d.c amps meter?how to connect the dc ammeter inthe circuite?..

Answer / vasuessar

woking: basically ammeter is a current measuring electrical
device. In D.C ammeter is also used for measuring d.c
current only.

connection: to connect the d.c ammeter "series" to the
ciruit by the way it measures the current.

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how is working d.c amps meter?how to connect the dc ammeter inthe circuite?..

Answer / ashwin

A DC ammeter is also known as moving coil or mc ammeter. For it to work connect it in series as current remains unchanged in series. So when the ammeter is connected in series the current flows through the coil in the presence of a magnetic field which causes a deflection.

for further clarification go to the link below:

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