what is markiting.

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what is markiting. ..

Answer / satish kumar

marketing is the process of making aware the product
(or)service , which is satisfied the customer need at the
same time earning good returns to the organization.

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what is markiting. ..

Answer / manish kaushik

marketing is not only to sale a product r services to the
consumer but its more about knowing your right
customer,understand their buying behavior,and sale your
product at the right place at the right time.

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what is markiting. ..

Answer / vishal.shelar

markiting means which of the product done by the company
that should sell to the consumer

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what is markiting. ..

Answer / ved prakash roy

Every one knows the definition of Marketing of PHILIP KOTLER
but according to me Marketing is just how you present
yourself in front of others & satisfies the need of the
customer & Organization in a very profitable way.

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what is markiting. ..

Answer / soumik banerjee

Marketing is earning sufficient future survival profits and
growth through continuous customer satisfaction.

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what is markiting. ..

Answer / seenauth maneesh

Marketing is a way of presenting an image of yourself through the product you are selling.

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what is markiting. ..

Answer / guest


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what is markiting. ..

Answer / sachin jadhavar

Marketing is performanace of buisness activity is direct
flow of goods and services from manufacture to cosumer or user.

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what is markiting. ..

Answer / swarna bhanu das

Marketing is the performance of business activities that directs the flow of goods from producers to consumers.

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what is markiting. ..

Answer / achal

marketing means to antipipating the future customer needs...

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