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what is cutoff voltage?

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what is cutoff voltage?..

Answer / felixraj

the minimum voltage which the relay hold the operating
(closed) condition

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what is cutoff voltage?..

Answer / joshygovind

In electronics,
the cutoff voltage is the electrode voltage value that
reduces the dependent variable of an electron tube
characteristic to a specified low value
In batteries,
the cutoff (final) voltage is the prescribed lower-limit
voltage at which battery discharge is considered complete.
The cutoff voltage is usually chosen so that the maximum
useful capacity of the battery is achieved. The cutoff
voltage is different from one battery to the other and it's
highly dependent on the type of battery and the kind of
service in which the battery is used. When testing the
capacity of a NiMH or NiCd battery a cutoff voltage of 1.0
V is normally used. 0.9V is normally used as the cutoff
voltage of an alkaline cell. Devices that have too high
cutoff voltages may stop operating while the battery still
has significant capacity remaining

Premature voltage cut-off--

Some portable equipment does not fully use the low-end
voltage spectrum of a battery. The equipment cuts off
before the designated end-of-discharge voltage is reached,
leaving some battery power unused.

A high cutoff voltage problem is more widespread than is
commonly assumed. For example, a certain brand of mobile
phone that is powered with a single-cell Lithium-ion
battery cuts off at 3.3V. The Li&#8209;ion can be discharged to
3V and lower. With a discharge to 3.3V, only about 70
percent of the expected 100 percent capacity is used
(source wikipedia)

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what is cutoff voltage?..

Answer / er. b p shakya

When energy flow above 50 Htz, than tripped MCCB

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