What is base register?

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What is base register?..

Answer / bala

Base Register is the register, acts as a address holder of
the base storage location from where the datas were stored
continuously. Assembler uses the Base register value to
find the data that is required.

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What is base register?..

Answer / divya

base register is used to assign a relative address to all
instructions and storage areas. By adding the address in
the base register to the displacement of the instruction,
we can find the absolute address of the instruction.

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What is base register?..

Answer / chanu

it stores the base address (starting address af a programm).

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What is base register?..

Answer / ken paek

A register that holds an aboslute address from which the
address of other statement (instruction) or data storage
can be calculated. In other word, a general register from 3
to 12 when used for addressing purposes is called as a base

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What is base register?..

Answer / joseph louis pargas

A base register is any general purpose register chosen by
programmer. It is assigned at the beginning of the program
as part of housekeeping with the USING assembler keyword,
and it's purpose is to maintain addressibility within a
page (4k) of code or data.

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What is base register?..

Answer / anil

Base register is used to make CSECT and data addressible in
the assembler program.

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What is base register?..

Answer / yogesh deshmukh

when registers are used in the formation of address,then they are called as base registers

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What is base register?..

Answer / liverpool

Base register also used for Automatic updating. In many
applications there is a great deal of data movement between
CPU and memory. Therefore it is very useful if the base
register(r11) is updated in each load or store.

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What is base register?..

Answer / jobayer hossain

Base register serves as an address register; an example is a table look-up instruction called XLAT.
whom locate the address.

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What is base register?..

Answer / aamir ali

Base Register also serves on address.

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