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What Is Transformer Impedance ?

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What Is Transformer Impedance ?..

Answer / atul

Percentage Transformer Impedence is the Voltage drop on the
full load due to the winding resistance and leakage
reactance express as a percentage of rated voltage.

percentage Impedence = Impedence voltage/Rated voltage

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What Is Transformer Impedance ?..

Answer / giri

Transformer percentage impedence is the percentage of
primary voltage rating of the transformer required to drive
secondary rated current when secondary is shorted.

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What Is Transformer Impedance ?..

Answer / sujata wagh

Transformer impedence is the voltage drop on full load due
to winding resistance and it express as % impedence.

% impedence is measured during short circuit test.
forluma to calculate % impedence is =

% impedence = impedence voltage*100/rated voltage
where impedence voltage is the voltage applying at one end
for full load corrent, while the other shorted is shorted.

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What Is Transformer Impedance ?..

Answer / sabareesh kumar.b

Tell the correct answer for IMPEDANCE..............

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What Is Transformer Impedance ?..

Answer / hussaini dangambo

The percentage impedance of a transformer is the volt
drop on full load due to the winding resistance and leakage
reactance expressed as a percentage of the rated voltage.
It is also the percentage of the normal terminal voltage
that can be applied to circulate full-load current under
short circuit conditions.

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What Is Transformer Impedance ?..

Answer / piyush rana

% Impedance is the primary voltage at which the rated
current flows from short circuited secondary winding.

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