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which is batter in construction job,ELCB or RCCB?

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which is batter in construction job,ELCB or RCCB?..

Answer / pramod r prakash

ELCB because it trips on any laekage of current within 30
milli amps.This helps in preventing shock and electrocution
owing to failure in insulation or short circuit.

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which is batter in construction job,ELCB or RCCB?..

Answer / s.saravanan

--> RCCB is better than ELCB...
--> ELCBs senses the fault current flowing through the
ground only...
--> But fault currents can still flow through other
conducting elements such as an adjacent conductor which is
unenergized and whose insulation is incidently got damaged
and coming in contact with the conductor which is live and
its insulation also got damaged...
--> In this instant fault current flowing through the
ground is nil and the ELCB fails to sense it...
--> But RCCB works in core balancing technique and
therefore any difference in current flowing in through a
Line conductor and current flowing out of the neutral
conductor during faulty conditions will be sensed by the
detector coil and trips the circuit...
--> Let us widen our knowledge over the fault currents
since fault current doesn't flow only through ground but
also in some other unplanned paths...
--> Hope my answer will be more convincing to all...
--> All the best...
--> Have a nice day forever...

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which is batter in construction job,ELCB or RCCB?..

Answer / vijay

There are two types of ELCB:

voltage operated and,
current operated.
Voltage-operated ELCBs were introduced in the early 20th
century, and provided a major advance in safety for mains
electrical supplies with inadequate earth impedance. v-
ELCBs have been in widespread use since then, and many are
still in operation.

Current-operated ELCBs are generally known today as RCDs
(residual current device). These also protect against earth
leakage, though the details and method of operation are

When the term ELCB is used it usually means a voltage-
operated device. Similar devices that are current operated
are called Residual-current devices.

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which is batter in construction job,ELCB or RCCB?..

Answer / rahul deo purohit

Both ELCB & RCCB were Same

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which is batter in construction job,ELCB or RCCB?..

Answer / pravesh badoni

elcb as the name suggests earth leakage circuit breaker.
while rccb is residual current circuit breaker. any current
which remains in circuit disturbs the operation of machine
and is harmful for the ckt.rccb and elcb both are the same
thing which satisfies the purpose of disconnecting the
circuit when any residual or leakage current persists in
the circuit both are rated in milli ampers ranging in
fractions of ampere (30 ma to 80 ma).

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which is batter in construction job,ELCB or RCCB?..

Answer / sachin

RCCB is better over ELCB as RCCB is not depending on earth
leakage current but it identifies imbalance between phase
and neutral.

RCCB are also coming with 30ma rating so this should not be
comparision crieteria.

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which is batter in construction job,ELCB or RCCB?..

Answer / t. eswara rao

ELCB operates at a low level of 30ma. For constructional
areas, The major protection should be for workmen. More
then 30ma current is dangerous to human being and hence ELCB
is recommended for this purpose.

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