why we use star connection on the primary side of a

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why we use star connection on the primary side of a transformer?..

Answer / habib

Transformer primary is not in star we can say for all
transformer HV side should be in star,because in star Phase
voltage will be reduced by 1.732 times to delta,so it
reduces the insulation requirment.

Second in Generating station transformers load side that
means the side which will be connect to the grid will be in
star,because grid distubances should not circulate in
transformer if it is in delta distrubances circulate in the
transformer which reduces the transformer performance

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why we use star connection on the primary side of a transformer?..

Answer / niranajn

since the phase voltage for star connection is 1/sqrt3
times of line voltage the insulation required is less .So
the primary side is star connected

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why we use star connection on the primary side of a transformer?..

Answer / rakesh

in star connection the phase voltage is reduced by 1.732
times than the line voltage, since the voltage is reduced
the insulation required in the winding of the transformer
also reduces.so it economical to connect the primary side
of the step down transformer i.e the hv side,in star

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why we use star connection on the primary side of a transformer?..

Answer / mukhesh

we cant tell always primary is star depend on riqiements
because at genareting station lv side is connected to
station and see side should be star bcz step ujp the
voltage and disubutuin side lv side always seec side is
star bcz it has nutral

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why we use star connection on the primary side of a transformer?..

Answer / santosh

Always HT volts are the out put of a EHV transformer which is Delta-Delta connection.But in general Distribution transformer,We have HT(11kv) primary side and LT(415v) secondary side. So 11kv should be Connected with delta connection and 415v should have star connection.

Mainly LV/2ndary side connected to home appliances,which is running with 1-phase and 1-neutral.

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