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If DG runing time neutral is disconnected what will be the
effect in Engine and Electricial panel.

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If DG runing time neutral is disconnected what will be the effect in Engine and Electricial panel...

Answer / bndas

In case of Eart Fault during duration of without neutral
E/F relay will not work. Thus, prolong E/F insulation will
damage insulation, which will eventually land into bigger
This is a brief ans at this moment, since I don't have time
to write in more detail.

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If DG runing time neutral is disconnected what will be the effect in Engine and Electricial panel...

Answer / pillay

if the DG is not loaded nothing will happen and there wil be
no damage.While loaded if the load has got no single phase
load also nothing will happen and everything will continue
as normal.If you have connected a load of single phase
nature and if the load is balanced or near balanced then
also if the neutral is removed no damage will happen or you
may not see any changes because the neutral current is
balanced at the phases. but if you have connected an
unbalanced load or the load changes often than the voltages across the phases will be inconsistent.this is a very
damaging situation because the voltage can be as though you
have connected across a 2 phase supply the voltage across
the circuit is determined by the amount of current flow in
each circuit

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