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sbi clerical exam question bank

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sbi clerical exam question bank..

Answer / priyanka

Need question bank which is to going to be happen on 6-7-

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sbi clerical exam question bank..

Answer / ramkisan

sbi q.

Is This Answer Correct ?    120 Yes 23 No

sbi clerical exam question bank..

Answer / dibya ranjan das

the answer is 9.

Is This Answer Correct ?    51 Yes 11 No

sbi clerical exam question bank..

Answer / sakthi naresh

i want question bank sir

Is This Answer Correct ?    37 Yes 4 No

sbi clerical exam question bank..

Answer / b.varunkumar

The exam being conducted during this year end and the last
date for submission of application is 12.09.09. I would
like to prepare for the exam and need question bank.

Is This Answer Correct ?    39 Yes 8 No

sbi clerical exam question bank..

Answer / maliyadri


Is This Answer Correct ?    36 Yes 6 No

sbi clerical exam question bank..

Answer / jaleel

please send sbi bank clerk question previous year

Is This Answer Correct ?    29 Yes 4 No

sbi clerical exam question bank..

Answer / andrew

Please send SBI CLERICAL exam question paper for last year

Is This Answer Correct ?    26 Yes 1 No

sbi clerical exam question bank..

Answer / k.b.purushothaman

i am first attempt in the exam.please send sbi clerical
exam question bank in my emil address.i am completed in

Is This Answer Correct ?    19 Yes 5 No

sbi clerical exam question bank..

Answer / haleem mubarak basha

yes, i need it.. pls send it to me...........

Is This Answer Correct ?    16 Yes 2 No

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Business Managment

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I had my BOB interview today @ bangalore. The panel consists of 4 members. It was a very cool interview. I was a bit tensed cause I was a management-finance specialized candidate.But fortunately, they ne only general questions? questions they asked me was : 1) tell me something about urself. 2) can u relocate to any place in karnataka? 3) whats the status of share market these days? 4) will the present government be favourable to the economy?how? 5) what are the measures taken by the american govt to solve this global crisis? thats banking terms questions at all.

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