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Hi brief the following.
1) How would we can fix the exact machinery for the
excavation at construction site.
2)what is mean by 43/ 53 grades in cement?
3) what is the diff between fe 415 / fe500 and what is the
usage of two grades.
4)how we can check the exact weight of one truck load of
TMT rods.
5) what is the percentage of tolerance of TMT rod while
receipt at site.
6) how we can test and evaluate the grade and quality of
timber while receiving at construction site.
7) how we can select the right plywood for shuttering
8)what are the diff grade of RMc and how we can select the
right RMC for the specific work
9)what is the ratio for binding wire for 1 ton of tmt
10) how we can select the quality bricks. what are check
11) how we can select and procure the river sand for
construction purpose.
12) how we can recon the store materials with actual
purchased at construction site.
13) what are the documents required to transfer our own
material from one site to another site between two states.
14) what are the different types of formworks and its usages
15) what are the diff types scaffolding materails and its
16)how we can select the right tiles for flooring, wall and
other areas.
17)what are the diff types of tiles and its usages
18)what is the procedure to select the tiles for
19) what is the calculation method for no of tiles received
at site
20)what is the common procedure to codify store and
scaffolding materials at construction
21)how we can select the right granite/ marble / kota stone
for the specif usage at site.
22) what are the basic items for site mobilization
23) what are the step by step construction process.
24) how we can select the right timber for doors at site.

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