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what prompted you apply for his job

what prompted you apply for his job ..

Answer / nihar mohire

Macot solotions.

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I heard that there will be total 7rounds would be there in Dell call center,can anybody tell Me what would be the first 3rounds?

3 Answers   DELL,

Condemn (a)Blame (b)hate (c)avoid (d)underdate

3 Answers   Htmt,

tell me about for the PIR round Question? please give me answer on my email address?

9 Answers   Genpact, IBM,

can u say some thing about our indian politics?

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hi, i have done my bsc. csc 2009 passed out.. i was looking out for a day shift job... now its a year gap.. i m in search of a job.. if interviewer ask me abt the gap.. wat shud i tell ple tel me... n help me out

2 Answers   IBM,

anxiety (a)uneasiness (b) grief (c)interest (d)eagerness

6 Answers   Htmt,

how to boot the computer in a safe mode

6 Answers   IBM,

What Motivates you for this job ?

2 Answers   IBM, Southeast Eminence,

why has call centers come to india,why dont they be in foreign cuntries?

6 Answers   iTronics, Mphasis,

What is technical voice process job in BPO? Please give answer in details. What type of work i have to do?

0 Answers  

What are your planning in next role?

0 Answers   Mercer,

what is the call centre

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