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how is ur college life?

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how is ur college life?..

Answer / i.b.gautam

My college life was full of fun .Used to start for the
college at 9 0 clock and after reaching there i hang out
with my friends to playground but as i got some good
attitude person in my friend circle i realised my mistake
and stopped wasting my time and from then i decided to put
my maximum concentration towards studies

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how is ur college life?..

Answer / suman

college life?..........when i hear this word i feel very
happy iam very excited to tell abt my college life well it
was very fun and jolly days that i have ever seen that
days in my life........i use to go to my college daily bti
was not going to the class.........we use to sit in the
college canteen and enjoy ourself............funny incident
i faced after that daily i use to go to college that one
day princile came to the canteen and caught us all the
people who all are there in canteen they he informed to my
parents and my parents came to the college and very severe
thing happend after that i use to got oi caollege last i can say that i miss that happy
days...........awesome days.........

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how is ur college life?..

Answer / pradeep kumar parida

My college life was good .When I left my school life thn i was very fear how i will maintain my college life. 1st day it was very excited for me. I met many friends that day was good for . .i was very fun in my college life.I spent my leasure time in college canteen all lecture and my all friend was good. .so i can't forget my college life. ..

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