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what is recruitment cycle?

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what is recruitment cycle?..

Answer / divya narang

Recuitment Cycle
Detail Knowledge of the vanacy - Job Description &
Sources - internal - employee reference or
advertsising,outside agency
Screening of the candidates
Reference check

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what is recruitment cycle?..

Answer / shilpa bajpai

Recruitment is the process of selecting a right individual
in a right place who fullfills the prescribed JDs and

The entire life cycle includes:

*Detail Knowledge of the vacancy.
*Source (Internal or External).
*Screening of resume.
*Shortlisting the Candidate.
*Scheduling Interview (HR or Technical)
*Reference checks.

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what is recruitment cycle?..

Answer / pooja mishra

recruitment cycle is a process of selectng the right person
for the right job at the right time
this process is
1 job analysis
2 sorce for recruitment
3 recruitment agency : media portalsetc
4 screeining n shortlistng candidate
5 arranging interview
6 selection
7 sending appointment letter
8 joining formalties

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what is recruitment cycle?..

Answer / rajeev kapoor

Job Description & Specification Knowledge
Sources - internal - employee reference or
advertsising,outside agency
HR interview
Technical Interview
Reference check

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what is recruitment cycle?..

Answer / shajan

About ‘Recruitment Management’ Introduction The demon of
competition has arrived and no one seems to be spared. Be
it at a corporate level or at the non corporate level, the
clarion awakening has dawned on us the need for arming
ourselves for the future. Populating manpower is the only
way - out in the knowledge driven environment. This is
where the need for recruitment and recruitment management
has gained momentum since the last decade. Recruitment is a
primary activity without which no organization can be
formed. Today recruitment has become a tool, a mechanism,
through which individual goals and characteristics are
integrated with organizational goals. This integration can
be carried out by systematic assimilation and mapping of
manpower as per organizational needs. Recruitment refers to
the systematic gathering of population, with prescribed
characteristics into an organization. The objective of
recruitment is to gather specific and useful knowledge and
skills. It is intended to carry out pre-determined task in
well-defined job contexts....

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what is recruitment cycle?..

Answer / anuradha

*sourcing the profiles through portals
*based on the requirement given by the client
shortlisted the profile
forward to the team lead
after shortlisted by the client forward to the candidate
callup the candidate
candidate questions are
curreny organisation
notice period
joing date
again selected from the client
follw the cadidate
explain the offer letter to the candidate until unless join
if is wrong pls tel me

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what is recruitment cycle?..

Answer / swati

Recruitment cycle begins with requirement of new candidates
in the firm and ends after finding right employee for the
post required for. through whole recruiting process hr
recruiter try to find most efficient candidates in very
minimum salary.
1.Description of the vacancy and no. of candidates
required for
2.searching for the candidates by different sources like
ads, references, campus etc.
3.Managing responses
4.Screening of the candidates resume
5.Schedule the candidate for tech round of interview
8.Arrange interviews
9.Conduct interviews
10.Sending offers
11.Acceptance from the candidates

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what is recruitment cycle?..

Answer / anu

short listing the resume
call for the interview
assessment test
technical interview
HR interview

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what is recruitment cycle?..

Answer / pooja sawale

It is nothing but a bicycle on which you sit and recruit
Recruitment is also the process of selecting the people at

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