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hi friends pls forward impropmtu interview question

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Q1. Why do we use determinant? Please explain with examples? Q2. What is new arrive dimensions? Please explain with examples? Q3. Suppose we have a table which is holding a large number of records. There are 4 columns which are very frequently used in the Cognos reports, so can we create indexing on those 4 columns?

2 Answers   Mphasis,

what is physical layer and presentation layer?

2 Answers   Zensar,

what is loop in frameworkmanager ?

4 Answers   Texas,

You get a parsing error when you run a report. What will be your first steps to resolve the error?

2 Answers  

actually 2 members working in same a time is possible to work on same module? i add some tables,another person also add some tables how the synchronization betn the two in same module? pls ans me and expain to me.....

0 Answers  

what is degenerate key in oracle ?whare do we use it?

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Cognos TM1 1. What are the different windows in Turbo Integrator? 2. What is the use of advanced window in Turbo Integrator? 3. What is TM1 Workflow. How do you create a process in that? 4. Where is Portlet used. What are differnt windows in portlet. How can you access TM1 web from portlet? Cognos 8. 1. What is Drill-on? 2.How do you implement row level security in Framework Manager? 3. How do you create tree prompt?

1 Answers   HSBC,

what is mean of Meta data definistions?

4 Answers   IBM,

------Diff B/W DrillThrough and master and Detailed Report?

2 Answers   IBM,

Hi Techies, Need your help for achieving this requirement. We have got a requirement to display a report in a page which should diplay max 20 rows but if a report is having totally 17 rows then in the 1st page it has to display 15 rows(divisible by 5) and the other two rows should appear in the next page. Similarly, If a report is having 23 records then in the first page it should display 20 (divisible by 5) and on other page it should display 3 rows. Please advice!

1 Answers   Wipro,

Diff b/w Crossproduct and Outerjoin?

0 Answers   IBM, Mind Tree,

3.User1 doveloped some report,user2 modify the same report and user 3 also updates in that same report? how to identify that report will be modified or not?

1 Answers   IBM, Thomson Reuters,