please tell me about TCS & what do u know about this company

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Answer / bhuvaneshwari

Tata Consultancy Services started in 1968. Mr.F.C Kohli who
is presently the Deputy Chairman was entrusted with the job
of steering TCS. The early days marked TCS resonsibility in
managing the punch card operations of Tisco. The company,
which was into management consultancy from day one, soon
felt the need to provide solutions to its clients as
well.TCS was the first Indian company to make forays into
the US market with clients ranging from IBM, American
Express, Sega etc. TCS is presently the top software
services firm in Asia.

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Answer / d.durgarao

Tata Consultancy Services was established in the year 1968
and is a pioneer in the Indian IT industry.[4] Despite
unfavourable government regulations like the Licence Raj the
company succeeded in establishing the Indian IT Industry.

It began as the "Tata Computer Centre", a division of the
Tata Group whose main business was to provide computer
services to other group companies. F C Kohli was the first
general manager. JRD Tata was the first chairman, followed
by Nani Palkhivala.

One of TCS' first assignments was to provide punch card
services to a sister concern, Tata Steel (then TISCO). It
later bagged the country's first software project, the
Inter-Branch Reconciliation System (IBRS) for the Central
Bank of India[4]. It also provided bureau services to Unit
Trust of India, thus becoming one of the first companies to
offer BPO services.

In the early 1970s, Tata Consultancy Services started
exporting its services. TCS's first international order came
from Burroughs, one of the first business computer
manufacturers. TCS was assigned to write code for the
Burroughs machines for several US-based clients[5]. This
experience also helped TCS bag its first onsite project -
the Institutional Group & Information Company (IGIC), a data
centre for ten banks, which catered to two million customers
in the US, assigned TCS the task of maintaining and
upgrading its computer systems[6].

In 1981, TCS set up India's first software research and
development center, the Tata Research Development and Design
Center (TRDDC) [7]. The first client-dedicated offshore
development center was set up for Compaq (then Tandem) in 1985.

In 1989, TCS delivered an electronic depository and trading
system called SECOM for SIS SegaInterSettle, Switzerland. It
was by far the most complex project undertaken by an Indian
IT company. TCS followed this up with System X for the
Canadian Depository System and also automated the
Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)[8]. TCS associated with a
Swiss partner, TKS Teknosoft, which it later acquired[9].

In the early 1990s, the Indian IT outsourcing industry grew
tremendously due to the Y2K bug and the launch of a unified
European currency, Euro. TCS pioneered the factory model for
Y2K conversion and developed software tools which automated
the conversion process and enabled third-party developers
and clients to make use of it[10].

In 1999, TCS saw outsourcing opportunity in E-Commerce and
related solutions and set up its E-Business division with
ten people. By 2004, E-Business was contributing half a
billion dollars (US) to TCS[11].

On 9 August 2004, TCS became a publicly listed company[12],
much later than its rivals, Infosys, Wipro and Mahindra Satyam.

During 2004, TCS ventured into a new area for an Indian IT
services company - Bioinformatics[13]

In 2008, the company went through an internal restructuring
exercise that executives claim would bring about agility to
the organization.[14].

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Answer / prince

D.durgarao mad man,
copy paste from internet,
write in simple only what you know,
oversmart is the reason why india is still

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Answer / manish

its profile, market, feild of provif\ding services

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Answer / ramya tummala

1)TCS is founded in 1968, it is a member of TATA groups.
2)First MD is F.C kohli and first Chirman JRD Tata.
3)Mr. N Chandra sekaran is third CEO who was a trainee engineer in 1987.
4)Turn over is "Hundred and eight" billion dollars up to now.
5)it has 1,00,000+ women associates and 122 nationalities.
6)It is the first company that went to foreign to take their projects,like USA,UK,China.
7)It worked for
* Travel and Hospital
* Government
* Bank and Finance (all works State Bank of India ,State
Bank of Hyd like e-banking,core banking solutions)
* Technologies (Apple,Samsung,Cisco,Motorilla etc)
* E-passport seva kendhra(in vizag) by TCS only
* it involved in Manufacturing and Media also.
8)Social activities of TCS are
-> TATA Memorial hospitals
-> Tata Trusts(Educational & health)
-> It has given 100 crores for girl's schools on the
part of "Swatch Bharath"
9)Digital five Phases of TCS are
1) Mobility
2) Cloud
3) Social
4) TATA Sciences
5) Artificial Intelligence

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Answer / bharathi

TCS is not only my dream company but also every student in india.

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Answer / ragini

it is one of the most popular development company,y bcz nw a
days most of the companys are not lead the tcs,and they give
jobs for many it students.

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Answer / priya

tcs is india best company in software field.its total revenue as per this year 2012 is 11.57 billion$.in this more than 276200 employee work and this company is providing services all over in the world.

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Answer / j.cindhamani

T CS is the wining company in the eerily days which is the
dream company off mine

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Answer / rohan singh

TCS is very known company.TCS has great name and fame.TCS is
only a co.known for customer satisfaction.It doesn't deals
with quantity,it only deals with quality.

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