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what is second law of thermodyanamic

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what is second law of thermodyanamic..

Answer / hi

second law of thermodynamics is a kelvin-planks statement
it states that the heat cannot transfer from cold temp to
high temp without any external workdone

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what is second law of thermodyanamic..

Answer / gurmeet.mech

Clausis statement: it is impossible to construct an engine
which will transfer the heat from low temperature sink to a
higher temerature source.

Kelvin statement: It is impossible to construct an engine
which will do any work by operating between the same
temerature sources.

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what is second law of thermodyanamic..

Answer / sreekesh s

for a spontaneous(natural) process the entropy always

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what is second law of thermodyanamic..

Answer / karthick

clausius statement--heat cannot be transferred from cold
body to hot body without any external source

100% efficiency is not possible from any machines

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what is second law of thermodyanamic..

Answer / bandi srinivas

It is impossible that heat can't flow from lower temp. to
higher temp. without any external agency.

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what is second law of thermodyanamic..

Answer / rakesh nagdev

The second law of thermodynamics is an expression of the
universal law of increasing entropy, stating that the
entropy of an isolated system which is not in equilibrium
will tend to increase over time, approaching a maximum
value at equilibrium.

For more info visit following link,

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what is second law of thermodyanamic..

Answer / sornakumar

charles statement 'the engine cant design the available
heat energy fully converted into work with out loss '
kelvin statement" the heat cant flow itself from cold
region to hot region without adding work.

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what is second law of thermodyanamic..

Answer / prasadsurendranaik

it is impossible to take energy from sink to source unless
use of externnal force

whenever you operate a heat engines between same sourse &
sink it has same efficiency

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what is second law of thermodyanamic..

Answer / biswajit pradhan

hello friend

the second law of thermodynamics consisting of a 4 to 5
corollary so plz refer thermal engg for all the details.

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what is second law of thermodyanamic..

Answer / hari prasad

It is impossible to construct a device that operates in a
cycle and produces no
effect other than the removal of heat from a body at one
temperature and the
absorption of an equal quantity of heat by a body at a
higher temperature.

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