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how to sell the product into new customer

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how to sell the product into new customer..

Answer / dinesh k. chaudhary

hi/hello, sir.
This is dinesh.
I'm from abc company.
can you give me your two minutes please.
our company has launch the new product that is nokia 0000 with many exciting features like 8mp camera, up to 120gb supportable memory card, embedded with 4g technology, wifi, 4 times faster than other mobile phones, full touch screen with qwerty pad, plug and play with pc etc.
And the Price is only 5,000 rupees but you are our Promotional customer that why 20% is off.
now the price for you is only 4000 rupees.
we also provide some gift like mobile pouch, extra battery, 2 metal Body and extra charger.

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how to sell the product into new customer..

Answer / pradeep sharma

First segmet the customers , Targeet the segegmented
customers and finally posion the product by doing
Advertising or barnding.

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how to sell the product into new customer..

Answer / khushi tomar

firstly we should tell the customer about the branding &
advertising then we should be satisfied the customer and
then told the cusatomer quality of product then price.

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how to sell the product into new customer..

Answer / girish vadear

Sony digital store malleshwaram

We are sales only Sony vaio laptops and accessories if u
want any sony items plz let me know.
Name: Girish Vadera

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how to sell the product into new customer..

Answer / sumit ganveer

while selling a product to a new customer we have to create demand for our product that means to evaluate the need n desire of customer, why he/she need this product and what he/she desired. Now a days, it is more effective to link our customer needs n desires to any social, economical, global, religious, nationality etc agendas through advertisement and promotional tools to attract and grab more attention so they can easily recognise our product.

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how to sell the product into new customer..

Answer / yogendra singh rathi

firstly we will describe the segmenting the market after
that targetting the customer and finally make a position in
the customer mind through thi product feauters ads and

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how to sell the product into new customer..

Answer / abhishek dubey

The popular image of a salesperson is someone willing to
"sell at all costs" is not the reality across the board in
sales. A good salesperson loves sales, is motivated by what
they're selling, and transfers this enthusiasm and belief to
the customer. The customer will not feel as if they're at
the receiving end of a hard sell without choices if they're
dealing with a good salesperson. Indeed, the customer is
given options, including the one to walk away, in order to
avoid such undue pressure.

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