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why ur looking for job change?

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why ur looking for job change?..

Answer / rupam banerjee

To avoid stagnancy, after 3 at XXX I stopped being
challenged and my satisfaction at the end of the day
gradually became less and less. Change is necessary, not
for the sake of it, but if one has no job satisfaction then
different challenges are needed. I love to learn, and I
love being challenged.
That is what I hope to find here.

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why ur looking for job change?..

Answer / aarti

for betterment and want to gain more and more experience

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why ur looking for job change?..

Answer / vinothkumar

To update myself with othes technologies and offcource i am
looking for my career growth

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why ur looking for job change?..

Answer / davinder nagi

i Want to polished my skills which i have now to serve
better at corporate level & personal level also.

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why ur looking for job change?..

Answer / david


Some times its good to have change in life(JOB). I love to
learn and to take challenges. Since the change can teach for
our growth as well as knowledge, etc,.

Its good to take a change, but don't take it as HABIT..

Bye & All the best...

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why ur looking for job change?..

Answer / shraddha jain

For better opportunity where I can utilize my skills to
provide the quality output critical to organizational

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why ur looking for job change?..

Answer / chaitanya

see this is no at all an easy question.if u say anything
that would be some what criticizing the old company.
"just say i am looking for a break; just am expecting
new challenges and new environment."

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why ur looking for job change?..

Answer / amric

Never ever say anything negative about your job.. give all
the positives about your present company and link all the
similar point with the new company (as per the situation)..

hope this would suffice

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why ur looking for job change?..

Answer / b.viswanathan

To simulate a person for new challenges like handling
higher responsibilities, to better career growth and get
compensated accordingly. As one's advancing age his hiher
needs like self esteem and self actualizations goals are to
be met.

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why ur looking for job change?..

Answer / kalpesh verma

To enhance my skills and knowledge, to be a member of large
team. looking for better challenges where i can utilise my
potential to serve the organization and achieving target as
per organization set objectives and policy

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