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How will you justify your Cost to Company?

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How will you justify your Cost to Company?..

Answer / neelam adhikari

Its an interesting question,Thanks Vaibhav for sharing it
with us. I think I would answer it something like this:
The main components of ones' package are

Basic salary:which decided upon ones' educational
quaification.hence this part can be justified with what the
industry standards to that degree.

Maintenance allowance and HRA: this is to keep your
lifestyle and living standard upto the mark of the company
sice you are its ambassador.

Conveyance allowance: will take care of your movements so
that you can reach with the best of you for all the

Medical allowance is ofcourse to keep the best of the
health so that you dont have to take SL.

PF is to fulfill legal norms.

Insurances,gratuity etc. are to make you feel secure so
that you can concentrate on work rathe than thinking of you
children's future.

Bonus and other incentives are the loyalty charges to keep
you motivated and with the company.

and their are few other allowances which are given to
increase your CTC more than others if you are experienced
hence that goes to the experiuence account.

So with this you can tell how all the components
justifiable andshould be given because you deserve it.

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How will you justify your Cost to Company?..

Answer / vishal kharbanda

i will be an asset to the organisation by producing result
and delivering qualitative and quantitive output by using
my leadership qualities. i will try to the bring the result
and make profit to the organisation and work for the growth
of the company.

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How will you justify your Cost to Company?..

Answer / a.a.nasar

Total compensation includes the
value of all the perks and benefits one gets from the
Company in addition to ones salary. Calculating Annual Cost
to the Company is important while changing jobs as it more
often than not determines what your compensation will be in
the new Company. At the same time all the components are
not always apparent. In order to arrive at a comprehensive
figure one has to carefully add the value of all components
or their cash equivalent. Given below is a format which may
be downloaded and filled up to arrive at the Annual Cost to
the Company.

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