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tell about ur self

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tell about ur self..

Answer / suresh

first start with your name ,where you are coming from and
tell about where you finished your school and college
,about your family(if you wanna tell),your hobbies,your
long term goal,short term goal,positive and negative things
about you

if you have any queries please feel free to mail me at

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tell about ur self..

Answer / md jamil akhtar

about your name and qualification

if its nt enough or incorrect pls send the correct ans in
my mail id

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tell about ur self..

Answer / chandra sekhar

Hi It is not enough for an interview.
My name is chandra sekhar
I have worked with different clients such as TCS, Wipro
and others
I have worked with different domains such as telecom,
pharma and banking.
I have storng exp in QA methodologies such as waterfall, V
and rup
I have strong exp in write test plan with test lead
I have strong exp in write test cases
I have strong expp in unit , integration , regre, system
and user acceptance
I I ---exp in record GUI cripts, enhance GUI scripts,
runGUI Scripts , analyse the results and logged the defects
with severity and priority.
I have strong exp in prepare the reports of bug and testing
i have strong exp in attend all kinds of meeting with dev
team and QA team.
I -------- in write the SQL queries with DML , DDL and TCL
I ---- in intall the H/w and S/w in QA environment.
I -----

I ----
Like this . If any wrong pl let me know . I can correct my

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