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How can i approach to write Congnos Certification? What
exactly should i do? Can anyone guide me plz?

How can i approach to write Congnos Certification? What exactly should i do? Can anyone guide me p..

Answer / harry

If You have any question let me know.

Cognos 8 Certification
Cognos Customers
1. If I already have certification in BI or Planning for
8.1, will I need to recertify for the updated 8.3 exams?
No. The focus of the role-based exams is on general
conceptual knowledge applicable across Cognos 8, so
recertification is not required.
2. The current BI exams (Author, Admin, Modeler, Scorecard)
are supported by the 8.1 materials. Should I certify now or
should I wait for the updated exams?
You can certify now on the 8.1 exams, as you will be
considered certified for Cognos 8.
3. Why is the number of courses in the recommended
curricula for the updated exams less than the ones for the
previous Cognos 8 exams?
Cognos Education has redesigned its curricular offerings to
support a role-based focus. To that end, content relevant
to the role-based certifications is efficiently integrated
into the redesigned courses such that the total number of
courses (and training days) is reduced.

4. Where can I get the new Certification Study
Guides that contain detailed topics and objectives covered
on the exams?

These Guides are available on the Customer Certification
site - Recommended Curricula.
5. Where can I see sample certification exam
Sample questions for all the available exams are located in
the new Certification Study Guides. Each exam has its own
individual Study Guide.
6. Where can I see the fees for the certification exams?
All certification exams have a fee of $200 USD. The exam
fees will display in local currency.
7. Why is the listed fee for the Professional exam $10,000

The Professional exam has a mandatory prerequisite of
successful completion of the role-based exam(s). The fee is
set high to discourage non-compliant candidates. If you
have the role-based certification(s), request a voucher
from the Certification Mailbox for your exam registration.
In the Subject area of your email, please specify “Voucher
for <exam name>.” This voucher will reduce the listed price
to $200 USD, or a regionally equivalent cost. If you
attended the Professional Workshop, re-use the same voucher
number when you register for the Professional exam.
8. Where can I register for the Cognos 8
Professional Workshop?

Registration for the Cognos 8 Professional workshop is
available on the Global Customer Services web site - Cognos
Certification Program. Remember that you must have
successfully passed the role-based exams and
requested/received a voucher from the Certification Mailbox
before you can register for the Workshop. In the Subject
area of your email, please specify “Voucher for <workshop
name> Workshop”. You can search and register for the
workshop at Although
highly recommended, this workshop is not mandatory for you
to proceed to write the Professional exam.
9. What is the cancellation policy for the
certification exams at Prometric?
You can cancel or reschedule your certification exam as per
the table below. Changes can be made online at the Cognos
Prometric web site or through direct contact with the APTC.
If you cannot attend your scheduled appointment and do not
cancel or reschedule, you will be charged for the exam and
must reschedule an appointment.

Region Prior Notice Required Time
United States/Canada 1 business day prior to Test
Before 7 p.m. CST
Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) 2 business days
prior to Test Before 12 p.m. (noon) local RRC time
Latin America 1 business day prior to Test Before 1
p.m. EST
Asia Pacific 1 business day prior to Test Before 12
p.m. (noon) Sydney time
Japan 3 business days prior to Test Before 5 p.m. local

10. Are there any accommodations for writing the
certification exams if English is not my first language?
If you are in Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Puerto
Rico, Australia, or New Zealand, you must contact your
local Prometric Center and request an ESL (English as a
Second Language) form. In all other countries where the
exam is not available in the native language, the exam
duration will be automatically extended by 25%.

11. If I do not pass an exam, how do I know where to
concentrate my studies for the next time I write it?
When you finish writing the exam, you will be provided with
a printed score report before leaving the test center. This
report contains your final score, as well as more detailed
scores on each section of the exam. The section scores will
not only show you how the exam is weighted, but also guide
you in where to concentrate your additional training and/or
review efforts.

12. Where do I get more information about Cognos 8
Certification Program?

Information on Global Customer Services will provide you
with information about the different levels of
certification and the recommended curriculum. In addition,
you have access to Fact Sheets, the Certification Handbook,
and a link to register for Cognos 8 certification exams. If
you have additional questions, you can send them to the
Certification Mailbox.

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