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How to kill session?

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How to kill session?..

Answer / mayank rawat


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How to kill session?..

Answer / dhana sekhar

session.abandon()---this is used to destroy the all the
objects stored in a session.and realese the all the

session.clear()--used to cleare the session variables

session.remove()--used to delete an item from seesion-

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How to kill session?..

Answer / phani krishna

You can Kill the session mainly by two ways

1. Session.Clear():
2. Session.RemoveAll();
3. Session.Remove();
Session.Clear() & Session.RemoveAll(): both are used to
clear all the values from session But Not Session Object.

Session.Remove() is used to remove the sessions from
particular session id only.

4. Session.Abound(): this method is used to kill the object
it self, Mean you can't find the session with the session
name and it will remove the values from session.

Eg: I have a session["mysess1"]="xxx";

if i use the method to kill the session by the method of
You can't find any more session which is created before the
session.Abound() method.

if u try to access session["mysess1"] it give error.

If u come for Session.Clear(); & Session.RemoveAll();
this mean the values of the sessions will clear but object
will exist.

If u come for Session.Remove();
It is used to clear the values from particular session only..

eg: Session.Remove(sessionName);
It will clear the particular session name values only..

Depend on your Application Requirement you can select any
one of the way..

But don't go for Session.Abound();
Until you don't want all the sessions and it's objects in
your current application.

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How to kill session?..

Answer / sachin ambare

You can use


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How to kill session?..

Answer / mahesh babu ummaneni


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How to kill session?..

Answer / viral


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How to kill session?..

Answer / kinge amol

by using session.kill()

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How to kill session?..

Answer / sudhir kunnure

just write session["name"]=null;

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