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How to kill session?

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How to kill session?..

Answer / payal

session.abandon method

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How to kill session?..

Answer / santhi


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How to kill session?..

Answer / divya

by using session.abandon()
this cancels the current session immediately and releases
all memory it occupied

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How to kill session?..

Answer / kailash dhondiyal

There is nothing like Session.Kill in ASP.NET. So please
update this. Best answer is Session.Abandon

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How to kill session?..

Answer / srikanth


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How to kill session?..

Answer / mandira singh


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How to kill session?..

Answer / prajeesh

You can use

But it is better to use Session.Abandon()
because it will removes associated session is also

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How to kill session?..

Answer / shahid


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How to kill session?..

Answer / anil

there are two ways to kill the session
1:abandon method
2:don't write anything in session it will automatically

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How to kill session?..

Answer / siva vardhan

We can use these to clear session

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