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What is the purpose of sharepoint?


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hi can anyone send me interview questions on sharepoint. i want to apply as fresher. kindly send me the company side questions asked in MNCs.

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Hi all, I want to know how are the fees to learn MOSS 2007/2010 in HYDERABAD. In Naresh or in Peers or in any other Institutes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....!

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i need some basic ideas about share point server.... i am new to this tech...i am expecting some clear definition abt that.. Thanks in advance..



is there any good institute for share point classes in noida


Hi ,Anybody got latest dumps for sharepoint 2007 .Please sent it to me . Thanks in advance .My email id is

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Which is the best institute to learn share point

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can someone tell me which is the BEST institute to learn sharepoint server?i heard unimatics is about naresh?i want to learn complete sharepoint i.e. admin and development part.and also tell me fees if you have already attended.many thanks

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Hi All, could u suggest me any institute for MOSS 2007/2010 administration in Hyderabad.

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I want to implement functionality like. When any user create issue, he should assign only to group MFG(not other than MFG), then MFG group will try to resolve at there end, if they resolve issue then MFG group will update status to close, and if not then MFG group user will forward(assign) to SUPPER group, and supper group will assign to expert person. What I did As follows. 1)created two Issue tracking list one is "ABC" another is "PQR" 2) Also applied permission on ABC and PQR list. because end user should not interact directly with consultant, one group of 4 person is present between end users and consultant, this group is mediator. 3) copy workflow is created. it will copy list of items from ABC list to "PQR" List. Here Im facing problem that workflow will not copy item because user of "ABC" does not have access to "PQR". if i give contribute permission on both list then workflow work correctly. I want that User of List ABC should not see the PQR list and workflow copy item from one list to other list. Can any one help me? thanx in advance



what is share point and use plese give me full information ?

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what is SAP and its use ?


which institute is better for sharepoint 2010 in hyderabad..can u also tell me the budget details & course timings..thank you

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Which is the best institute to learn the sharepoint administration becoz I don't want developing

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Hi, friends I need Sharepoint interview questions and i want to put 3+ exp. based on that i need custom webparts and deployment infopath design and developement,workflows


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