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what is the difference between promoted and distinguished property?


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How to put data using SQL Adapter?

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Source schema has nodes First Name, Last Name and destination schema has node Name. How we can get data at destination so that we can have two instance of Name (without using orchestration).

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How to create dynamic ports?


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How and why you have to use Active Directory in BizTalk development?

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In BizTalk development where and how you have to use custom developed .NET components?

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How to transfer files without using Orchestration?

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What are Host and Host Instance? Did you deploy BizTalk more than one machine?

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What is Message routing and Content routing?

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How to version your schema?

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Can we get messages to Orchestration without using schema?

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what is custom pipeline and the use of custom pipeline ? why and how we use custom pipeline?

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define mapping,orchestration ,schema,adapters.pipelines,BRE,HAT,BAM ?

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in which case you have to use updategram and stored procedure?

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What are convoys


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In orchestration dynamic send port generally we have to give destination path details i.e provided by client, but my question is how to get that particular address from where and where is it stored?


i have one applition in biztalk, how to run anohther server


In the dynamic send port actually we have to give the require destination details i.e, provided by client, but my question is how to get that particular address from where and where it is stored in biztalk?


Is there any possibility in the biztalk FIFO(first-in-first-out) without use the orchestration? how to implement explain?


im completed my biztalk course , plz guide me how to get job ?


what is the use of schema in biztalk and why we use schema?


how to handle the error in soap


who is best faculty for sharePoint and Biztalk sandeepsoni from Deccansoft or premnath...........