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Microsoft Related AllOther Interview Questions
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what is the difference between jet engine and ODBC ?



Perform the following tasks using MS-EXCEL: FUEL ESTIMATES COMPUTATIONS: This project is to compute the fuel needed for two types of airplanes, and the cost of the fuel. You must do all computations using formula, and do a chart. Use Page Setup to make the left margin 0.5 and the right margin 0.5 also. Put your name in the Title line, after "Fuel Estimates". Note the following: ? Col. D - H: You must enter correct formulas under Columns D through H (Flying Fuel, Reserve Fuel, Holding Fuel, Total Fuel Needed and Estimated Fuel Cost)!! Read and compute carefully! ? Cells C12, C13, C14, H13 or H14: When you use these cells in a formula, you must make them absolute cell references (F4 key after your type the cell reference, or enter the $ sign manually) ? Graph/Chart: Select cells A3:B8 (Plane and Flight). Hold down the "Control" key and select D3:D8. Hold down the "Control" key and select G3:G8. Create a chart (Insert- Chart, Finish) and position it in a pleasing way under the data for the flight. Print it on one sheet, in landscape mode. ? Print again, but with Formulae: There are two ways to show formulas: 1) Enter Control+` (the key with the ~ at the top left) or 2) Tools-Options, and under "Window Options" put a check mark beside "Formulas", then close the window.

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Can any one tell me briefly about macros?what it means and what it does?



What is the Difference between Edit and Modify. Anybody can explain it with example....


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In excel,how to clear the values of the cell without removing the formula?

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What is the difference between procedures and functions in C3#.NET

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what are the advantages of power point presentation with the help of examples.


what is windows backup and type of windows backup

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i need some windows short keys than run command also. if any body knows send website address.

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wt r the tools of remote function which is the best one


how to auto generate the text box using infopath?



how to create assembly?

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xp professional operating system is showing virtual memory too low?

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When do you use Microsoft Word, Microsoft zexcel and Microsoft PowerPoint?


how to install visual studio 2005 for web development plz tell me the steps of it and data base too

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what is site link?


Are the addresses, the bindings, the contracts unique between services?


What is Ethernet Address ?


Do you know about dll hell? Explain it?


How to remotely administer ms iis?


Do I need microsoft visual c++ 2005 redistributable?


What is Standby ?


How do I turn off microsoft telemetry compatibility?


What is raid-10 ? and how it will work?


Can you delete a microsoft account?


How do I run microsoft edge from the command line?


What is Uninstall?


What is the relationship between xaml and other transaction protocols? : xaml


What language is microsoft office written in?


How do you interact with git in visual studio?