ASP.NET Interview Questions
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What Name space does the web page belon in the .net framework class hierarchy?


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What's a bubbled event?

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what is DLL Hell and how it is solved in .NET?

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What is an Interface and What is an Abstract Class?

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What is the base class of .NET?

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Is data can be edited in the Repeater control?

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What is the name of the base class that all web forms will be inherited?

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Derive WSDL?

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Define ViewState and how can it be used?

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Differentiate an ADO.NET Dataset and an ADO Recordset with its functionality?

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Differentiate between Server Transfer and Response Redirect?


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Why Global.asax is used?

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what is asp dotnet

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what is view state

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what is


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benefits of migration from asp to hi frnds, i have to give presentation to a client about how useful would be migrating their project from asp to .plz give me some points which i should incorporate in my ppt thanks


Can we make activex dll also ti execute in some process as that of client ? How can we do?


there is two functions function a and function b like fun a(){.... ..... } fun b() { } in function b i write the coding to add two numbers and i need to dispaly the sum result in function a with out using global variable. how we do?


Advantage of Update Panel over 2.0 + C#+ Microsoft Ajax 1.0


How can i explain my project during interview?many time i expalain my project but they did't accept? please explain me.


Which tool you have done?


i have 3+ exp in .net? i am going interview now but they asked me do you know any TOOL? which tool will i study please refer me?


Using code explain Configuration Management


how to include timer or counting time to display next page in


if i want to give an alert message like "try after sometime" to a web page which is being seen by other person.if a web page is not seen by anyone then it should display otherwise it show a display a message stating that other person is viewing so try after some can i implement this.


How do you initiate validation on the server manually? What are two situations when you might you want to do that?


8. Why do you want to work here?


How can we secure the data which is send from client side to server? Like the login id and paasword needs to be authenticated on the server but we cannot send it in plain text into the server.One more thing we are not using the SSL here.


How can we communicate with each server in N-tier Architecture? and what are the methods?


What is work flow gen? how can it will work with .Net?