Exchange Server Interview Questions
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Tell me bit about the capabilities of Exchange Server.


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What are the different Exchange 2003 versions?


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What’s the main differences between exchange 5.5 and Exchange 2000/2003

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What are the major network infrastructure for insetting exchange 2003?

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What is the latest exchange 2003 Service Pack? Name a few changes in functionality in that SP

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"What are the disk considerations when installing exchange (RAID types, locations and so on)"

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"You got a new HP DL.380(2U) server, dual X con 4GB of RAM. 7 SAS disks, 64bit what do you do next to install exchange 2003? (you have AD in place)"

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Why not install exchange on the same machine as a DC?

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Are there any other installation considerations?

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How would you prepare the AD schema in advance before installing Exchange?

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What type or permissions do you need in order to install the first exchange server in a forest? In a domain?

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How would you verity that the schema was in fact updated?

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What type of memory optimization change could you do for exchange 2003?

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Who would you check your exchange configuration settings to see if they’re right

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What are the exchange management tools who and where can you install them

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Explain how do I move smtp queues and badmail directories?


Why when I try to add an additional mailbox store do I receive the following error? This storage group already contains the maximum number of stores allowed. Idno: c1034a7a


Explain how do I control the format of the addresses before the @ sign in a recipient policy?


What is exchange server 2007?


How do I limit the maximum amount of messages the smtp queue can hold?


Explain how can I archive messages sent or received by my users?


Explain how many global catalog servers should I deploy?


How can you tell how many days remain until the evaluation copy of exchange 2000 server expires?


Explain how does an exchange 5.5 site compare to an exchange 2003 routing group or administrative group?


Can I use exchange 2003s owa to access a mailbox on an exchange 5.5 or exchange 2000 server?


What is availability service


Can I install exchange 2003 on windows 2000 server?


What is exchange server 2010?


How do I move smtp queues and badmail directories?


Can the exchange 2007 server roles be deployed and configured on the same physical hardware?