Exchange Server Interview Questions
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Tell me bit about the capabilities of Exchange Server.


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What are the different Exchange 2003 versions?


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What’s the main differences between exchange 5.5 and Exchange 2000/2003

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What are the major network infrastructure for insetting exchange 2003?

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What is the latest exchange 2003 Service Pack? Name a few changes in functionality in that SP

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"What are the disk considerations when installing exchange (RAID types, locations and so on)"

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"You got a new HP DL.380(2U) server, dual X con 4GB of RAM. 7 SAS disks, 64bit what do you do next to install exchange 2003? (you have AD in place)"

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Why not install exchange on the same machine as a DC?

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Are there any other installation considerations?

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How would you prepare the AD schema in advance before installing Exchange?

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What type or permissions do you need in order to install the first exchange server in a forest? In a domain?

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How would you verity that the schema was in fact updated?

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What type of memory optimization change could you do for exchange 2003?

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Who would you check your exchange configuration settings to see if they’re right

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What are the exchange management tools who and where can you install them

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how do I get the exchange advanced tab in active directory users and computers?


Which devices are supported by microsoft to be used with oma?


how do I enable the security tab for the organization object?


How do I strip the attachment from an ndr?


Can an exchange 2003 organization span multiple forests?


Can I use exchange 2003 tools to manage exchange 5.5 and exchange 2000 servers?


Explain how do I activate session timeouts for owa users?


Explain the differences between exchange 2000 and exchange 2003?


How do I control the format of the addresses before the @ sign in a recipient policy?


What the supportable clients that can access exchange 2013 mailbox?


Explain in exchange 5.5, I could have multiple mailboxes associated with a single user account. How do I do that in exchange 2003?


What microsoft tries to focus to deliver on exchange server 2010?


How many global catalog servers should I deploy?


What is the oma?


How do I disable the "automatically update e-mail addresses based on recipient policy” on all users or contacts?