Crystal Reports Interview Questions
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How many sections are there in the report

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How many sub-reports can report can have?


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How to refresh the crystal report from the application ?


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How to write a formula to change a font based upon data ?

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What does it mean when we get the error message "Invalid report version" when try to open a Crystal Report?

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If we create reports in Crystal Reports using the UCAR Data Warehouse database, which tables should be used?



Is there a way to export the report formulas, like totals to excel?

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where is the "save data with report" option?

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Is there a way to export a report definition without writing code?

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what is the "refresh" button suppose to do on the crystal report viewer?

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How to pass stored Procedure Parameters to the report?

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How to conditionally suppress a field based on whether a page number is odd or even?

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What are Crystal Reports and Crystal Reports Explorer?

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What are the advantages or disadvantages of using Crystal Reports in a Windows Forms application as opposed to say rolling our own reports as HTML and displaying them in the Internet Explorer control?

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How to "Print" in Crystal Reports while using ASP DOT NET Platform?

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Explain reporter footer contents are move depend the page footer values?


how can we convert crystal dictionary dc5 file to another datasource format like mdb or xml schema


Suppose I have a crystal report with a linked subreport as well. Is there any way not to print the current record on the main report if no records are returned from the subreport?


How to access crystal reports in .net?


Why do we use crystal reports when we have reporting tools in bo itself?


How the data expert of flash object(after inserting flash object_right click-data expert) is useful in crt?


How can we improve the performance of a crystal report?


Explain basic steps required to display a simple report in crystal?


What all performance improvement techniques used in crystal reports? (Particularly cr xi)?


hi... i've two crystal reports one is in D: drive name employee.rpt with 5 textobject and another report is in E: drive name employee.rpt with 15 textobject... now i want to write a program to overwrite the D drives report with E drives reports i.e i want to replace the 5 textobject with 15 textobject.. overwriting the reports while it is executing .. is there any code for it please help me.. its urgent..


How to open subreport in new ie window using hyperlink button. I used target=new; in the formula field. But it overrides the main window and show the report?


Is there a size limit to creating a Crystal Report? If I run a statement report for all customers it will crash if there are too many customers. I can print all the statements if I select them in batches, but if trying to print all at once Crystal will crash after a few minutes.


Where can we find the log file generated when we run a crystal report?


Explain the various components in crystal reports?


Where is the image located, after youve placed it on the report?